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Pilates of Marin is pleased to Introduce Gyrotonic Sessions and Gyrokinesis classes offered by Siena McCarthy.


Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercises are a totally new system of movement developed by Romanian fitness expert, Juliu Horvath. In the early 1980’s, incorporating principles found in tai chi, dance, gymnastics, swimming and yoga, Horvath developed a unique exercise system to work the body from the inside out. Gyrotonic exercise utilizes special equipment with a smooth, pulley cabled, variable weight resistance system which prevents jarring start and stop movements and creates a flowing rhythm as if supported in water. Gyrokinesis movements, done in a class on a stool, mat and standing, emphasize a full 360º range of motion, allowing total articulation of joints to develop flexibility and strength. All major muscle groups are worked interdependently along with corresponding breathing patterns to develop the muscular, cardiovascular and neurological systems simultaneously.

Why is Spiral Movement Important?

From our genes to the arrangement of our muscles, we are designed to take advantage of the spiral nature of our body. These exercises are performed in undulating, spiral and circular movements that help release stiffness and increase range of motion while building muscular, tendon and ligament connections. Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis movements foster natural body mechanics to awaken the entire nervous system, stimulate and massage internal organs and revitalize available energy.
Reasons to do Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercises:

  • Mobilize the spine and free the joints
  • Develop profound core body strength
  • Recover lost function due to injury
  • Release tension in the body
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve body alignment
  • Enhance body awareness
  • Revitalize natural energy
  • Restore body symmetry


Best of Marin - 2nd Place

Getting Started Specials

First Time to Pilates
1-hour Guest Intro $50

Have you been thinking about trying Pilates but are afraid of commitments? Try our one‐time Guest Introduction session for only $50! You will spend 55‐minutes experiencing exercises on all pieces of the Pilates equipment. (Regularly $75)

Pilates Private Tune-up
3 private Sessions $150

Have you practiced Pilates before but need a boost to get back into the studio? Maybe you tried the Guest Introduction and want to continue at this special rate? You will work one‐on‐one with an instructor for 3 sessions preparing you to move into group classes or just remain with private sessions. (Regularly $225)

Gyrotonic Private Session intro Special- 3/$245

New Classes

~ Gyrokinesis* - Noon on Tuesday's

~ Keep Moving Pilates**
- Tuesday's and Thursday's @ 1pm

~ Beginning Level Pilates
-Monday's @ 5:30pm
-Thursday's @ 9am and 7pm
- Saturday @ 10am

*Gyrokinesis is a non-equipment class. $25ea. or $100 for 5 classes. Please contact Siena directly @ www.spiralexpansion.com or 707-795-1481.

**Keep Moving Pilates is a level one more focused, gentle and slower paced class good for individuals that may need specific modifications. Only 3 students per class.

*Reservations Required for all classes*

To sign up, please call the studio or e‐mail us.
(415) 927‐7800