About Pilates of Marin

Our Mission Statement

To provide a safe environment where one can experience Pilates under the guidance of a qualified teacher, in a friendly, intimate setting at an affordable price.

Who We Are

Founded in 2003 Pilates of Marin serves Central and Southern Marin County, based on the belief that anyone can do Pilates. Regardless of age, ability, injuries, or financial status, we offer several formats in which to practice Pilates. Private sessions are completely customized to meet the individual’s needs. Pilates offers core focused strengthening that uniformly develops the entire form, improving flexibility, posture and circulation. Although Pilates can be practiced by anyone, this method of exercise is particularly attractive to baby boomers whose aging population is beginning to experience a number of sports-related and lifestyle injuries. Pilates can be a gentle, non-impact type of exercise that is also challenging. Originally created for strengthening and rehabilitation purposes, it is also excellent in treating many types of injuries. We offer Private, Semi-Private training and Equipment Classes in our beautiful 1,600 square foot space, centrally located in Corte Madera.

How Our Studio is Different

While we teach Private and Semi-Private sessions, our most popular format to practice Pilates are group classes. What distinguishes Pilates of Marin from other studios is that we are the only studio in Central and Southern Marin that offers classes using 5 main pieces of Pilates apparatus 7 days a week and all without a costly monthly membership fee. Our classes are small; no more than 5 students per equipment class, to ensure that everyone receives the individual attention they need. We’re looking forward to your visit.

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